Professional removal of tattoos at vipMedicum clinic

According to statistics, 50% of people who make a tattoo would like to change it and 30% would like to have their tattoo removed permanently.

Tattoo removers

Those who have suffered from unprofessional permanent makeup also need tattoo removal service.
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    Why we are the best

    Best equipment

    Fotona QX Max is the most modern and powerful laser for tattoo removal
    QX Max is US FDA-certified
    4 wavelengths to remove all colours
     The only device in the Baltics
     Apparatus from Fotona – the world market leader in laser production

    Best technology and techniques

    Combined Technique with the Photon Laser – We make microcapsules using fractional laser and remove tattoo with Q-switch laser
    With the Photon Laser only
    Smaller number of procedures
    Pigment removal without damaging the skin
    4 different wavelengths to remove multi-coloured tattoos

    Down-payment possibility

    Get rid of unwanted tattoos
    Pay from 30 € / month
    Choosing the right down-payment option

    The best deals

    A smaller number of procedures ensures a lower total cost

    One procedure from 64 €

    Specialist in tattoo and permanent makeup removal

    My name is Julia Kudrjavtseva, I am a Medical Director, Leading Laser Technique Specialist at vipMedicum.

    I have a medical degree in nursing and have been working in the field of cosmetology for over 13 years. During this time, I have continuously and gladly improved my professional skills at various conferences, seminars and master classes.

    I am happy to see the results of my work, and your smiles are an inspiration to me every day!

    Reasons for tattoo removal

    I don’t like a tattoo anymore
    The tattoo was made in youth
    The tattoo location is inappropriate
    Professional reasons

    What we are doing

     Removing tattoos
    Tattoo correction
     Removal of permanent makeup
     Permanent makeup correction
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      Only a Photon device can combine two techniques: Er:Yag + Q-switch!


      The micro-pricks of the Q-Switch laser help to effectively release the degraded pigment.

      What tattoos we remove

      Complicated tattoos
      Black tattoos
      Colourful tattoos (blue, green, red, yellow, orange, lilac, brown and light blue)
      Pigment inserted at special level
      Permanent makeup (eyebrows, lips, eyes)

      How it works

      The QX-Max laser tattoo remover allows you to determine the required wavelength. For example, a wavelength of 1064nm actively degrades dark colors (black, grey), 532nm – affects red, 585nm – blue, 650nm – green.

      It is worth noting that tattoo correction or complete removal is not done in a single procedure. Depending on the nature of the tattoo, 3-10 procedures are required.

      The vipMedicum beauty clinic performs tattoo removal under the supervision of highly qualified professionals using the state-of-the-art equipment that allows you to safely achieve a result you desire.


      Price of 1 procedure –600€
      The result after third procedure
      Price of 1 procedure – 90€
      The result after first procedure
      Price of 1 procedure – 70€
      The result after sixth procedure
      Price of 1 procedure -170€
      The result after second procedure
      Price of 1 procedure – 390€
      The result after second procedure
      Call (+372) 6 590 231 or send an online request:

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        Why it is important to go through this procedure with the best professionals

        We guarantee

         Maximum result

         No skin damages

         No scars

         Low risk of pigmentation

        X (negative experience)

        Poor procedure

        Skin damages

        Post-procedure scar



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